Unesco Green Citizens

UNESCO Green Citizens

Would you like to support citizens committed to protecting our planet and convince others to join them?
The UNESCO Green Citizens campaign invites you to support change through key environmental action levers: Biodiversity, Oceans, Hydrology, Education for Sustainable Development and Indigenous and Local Knowledge.
This platform promotes a selection of change agents discovered by our teams and observers across the globe. What do they all have in common? Innovative projects with a big impact and solutions that can be easily replicated.
These projects are always looking for the support and involvement of people like you.


A global voice for local actors of change

As part of its global commitment to biodiversity, UNESCO is launching this new initiative to support and highlight local citizen projects that are shaping new ways of inhabiting the world, in harmony with nature.
We’re convinced that changes in our relationship with living ecosystems will only be achieved by bringing together the complementary actions of the different actors and the networking of these commitments.
This platform offers opportunities for partnerships and shares best practices, innovations and ideas. It is a spotlight on human adventures, which show the same fervour and shared vision of the future of our planet. Explore their projects and meet the UNESCO Green Citizens!
About Unesco

Building peace in the minds of men and women

UNESCO is dedicated to building peace through international cooperation in education, science, culture, communication and information.
Pioneering sustainable development, we engage governments and help incubate local projects across 1,000 natural sites. Since 1972, we have been centralising information about state of our planet through scientific research, data and site protection.
We’re convinced that lasting peace and sustainable development can only be achieved with informed behaviours, mindsets and attitudes.
Are you excited to participate ?
Or you Are...
excited to participate ?
An NGO that seeks to support local projects?
developing a local and sustainable project for the planet?
a private company seeking to stimulate or finance significant projects?
committed media, ready to highlight citizens' innovations?
decision-makers looking for good practices from local communities?
All together, we can incubate change.

To get involved in a collective adventure:

Discover meaningful projects

Choose your preferred project to embark on

Contact the project owner

Discover inspiring initiatives around the world and find innovative solutions

Duplicate the proposed sustainable solutions

Establish new partnerships

Find inspiration and discover new ideas

Connect and share experiences with other innovators around the world

Contact us to propose your project

Discover the innovations carried out by citizens in your CSR fields of action and in the regions of your choice

Support through funding or by providing skills in your areas of expertise

Contact the project leaders

Find inspiring stories of engaged citizens to enrich your editorial work

Help local projects increase their impact and make them known to your audience

Contact the project managers

Discover citizen initiatives around the world

Invest in local projects aligned with your strategy for sustainable development

Contact the project managers