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UNESCO at ChangeNOW summit – a look back at 3 inspiring days

30 May 2022

From 19-21 May, the UNESCO Green Citizens team was at the ChangeNOW summit wearing the colours of UNESCO, whose expertise in biodiversity and sustainable development is crucial to understanding and tackling climate change. Gathering agents of change and inspiring innovations for the planet, the summit gave the floor to several UNESCO experts and citizen-led initiatives identified by the UNESCO Green Citizens campaign. Here’s a glimpse at our highlights of the event!

From UNESCO expertise on sustainable development...

Nearly 300 speakers gave talks about various subjects revolving around sustainable development and the green transition. Among them, 2 UNESCO experts!

UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education, Stefania Giannini participated in a conference on “Educating Planetary Champions”, emphasizing the vital role of education in introducing citizens to sustainable lifestyles and educating them about environmental issues. Ernesto Ottone, Assistant Director-General for Culture, also brought his expertise on the theme of “A Culture of Peace”, enhancing the transformative role of culture, permeating every stratum of society.

To today’s local changemakers

We also had the pleasure of meeting some UNESCO Green Citizens in person, participating in panel discussions or presenting their inspiring ideas at the summit!

Tarun Bothra and his team from Saathi exhibited their 100% biodegradable sanitary products made from banana fibre in the circular economy section of the summit. By using this agricultural waste as an absorbent material, the team extends its life cycle while generating additional income for small farmers and creating jobs for local women.

Amy Meek, co-founder of Kids Against Plastic, an initiative fighting against single-use plastics, was the guest speaker at a talk titled “Microplastics: Small size… Big Consequences”, while Melati Wisjen, lead in the movie Bigger than Us (2021) and co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, took part in a discussion on “The Power of Youth”.

Sophia Kianni, founder of Climate Cardinals came to raise awareness on climate justice and the vital importance of allowing citizens across the world to access climate information. Finally, Tonio Willms participated in a conference on “carbon reduced businesses” as the CEO of Eevie, an app encouraging individuals and companies to adopt climate-friendly behaviours.

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