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Youth Association for Environmental Protection (AJPE)

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Project begin: 05/06/2018

In Kita Cercle, Mali, Djibone Sissoko unites young people to raise awareness about unauthorised bushfires and their devastating consequences.

Leading organisation: AJPE
The country where the team is based: Mali
Theme: Biodiversity, Education for Sustainable Development
Sub-themes: Climate change, Environment, Food and food security, Knowledge sharing, Poverty and inequality reduction, Resources management
Tag: #Africa #Youth
Selection: 2021
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In Mali, bushfires are one of the main causes of deforestation, desertification and the destruction of natural resources. For Djibone Sissoko, a young man living near Kita, it was vital to do something to prevent uncontrolled fires from spreading and damaging biodiversity.

As a traditional method for getting rid weeds and flushing out game, bushfires are allowed in Mali as a preventive measure. They are carried out within a clear legal framework, only during the rainy season. However, numerous bushfires also occur during the drier months, triggering uncontrolled spread that destroys local flora and fauna.

Raising awareness about biodiversity

Djibone Sissoko realised that it was important to raise awareness about the risks of this unsustainable practice, particularly targeting small farmers often unaware of the consequences. To do this, he created the Youth Association for Environmental Protection (AJPE). Working with teams of local volunteers, he helps put out uncontrolled fires and organise awareness sessions to encourage more responsible practices.

To continue its work, the association needs to train new volunteers and replant local trees to revive biodiversity.

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