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Project begin: 30/07/2017

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua is acting to tackle a fundamental problem: water scarcity in wildlife zones! 

The project is all about water for wildlife as one way of conservation and reducing human-wildlife conflict for competing for the same water resource. Indeed, as the number of conflicts between humans and wild animals started to rise due to water scarcity, Patrick decided to bring in an efficient solution through re-watering the dry wildlife zones. Moreover, Patrick is also looking for innovative methodologies to make sure that animals have plenty of water into the wildlife zones.


Leading organisation: Mwalua Wildlife Trust
Covered Countries: Kenya
Theme: Biodiversity, Education for Sustainable Development, Hydrology, Indigenous and Local Knowledge
Sub-themes: Agriculture, Climate change, Energy, Environment, Food and food security, Forests and desertification, Groundwater management, Natural resource management, Poverty and inequality reduction, Water education, Water scarcity and quality, Water science
Tag: #Africa
Selection: 2020
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Initial Problem

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua noticed climate change is real in Kenya. He believes there is a need to build proper systems of water management so that animals do not have to suffer from thirst, as many have already died due to a lack of water. Because climate change has resulted in a lack of rainfall, animals started coming out of the wildlife sanctuary in desperate search of water, which can be very dangerous and causes conflict between humans and wildlife.

The positive impacts that the project has made

The Mwuala Wildlife Trust has managed to drastically reduce the number of animals dying due to conflicts with local communities. Moreover, if not a complete solution to droughts, Patrick’s initiative has enabled wild animals not to be at loggerheads with locals anymore. All of this thanks to the Mwuala Wildlife Trust bringing water to wildlife animals.

Impacted areas and populations

The main impacted populations are wildlife animals living in dry zones. Moreover, the local communities have been positively impacted by this project as it enabled them not to compete with animals over the same water source, avoiding to face deadly conflicts.

Obstacles and challenges

The challenges in Patrick’s project was mostly getting enough resources to be able to meet the demands of water for animals living in the wildlife zones. However, thanks to the support of generous people around the globe, who donated to Patrick’s project, he was able to have enough resources to provide water in the driest wildlife zones. In the future, the project aims to provide more water sources on the ground, constructing tanks and tapping water from rocks as innovative alternatives to water scarcity.

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