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Project begin: 01/02/2016

TAGMA is building the first network of sustainable public schools in Latin America. The aim of this association? To train change agents in all sectors of society, able to build a sustainable future.

Leading organisation: TAGMA
The country where the team is based: Uruguay
Covered Countries: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay
Theme: Biodiversity, Education for Sustainable Development
Sub-themes: Energy, Environment, Food and food security, Knowledge sharing, Rural areas, Sustainable lifestyles
Tag: #Women #Youth
Selection: 2021
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TAGMA was born in 2016 in Uruguay from several observations. Firstly, Latin America is the most urbanised region in the developed world (around 80% of the population live in urban areas). 65 million people do not have permanent access to clean water. One third of all urban waste ends up in open dumps or in the environment. Almost 90% of the population lives in poor quality housing. At times, almost all the fruits and vegetables that are consumed are contaminated by agrochemicals. Access to quality health and education is increasingly restricted.

Behind these problems, the founders of TAGMA raise a central issue: the disconnection of human beings from the environment in which they live. For the TAGMA team, this means strengthening human links and regenerating ecosystems. To this end, it considers environmental education from an integral perspective.

Four programs, on global approach

TAGMA proposes 4 programs to face its objectives. They work in an interconnected way and take advantage of the platform and networks created by the organization.
The first programme, a Sustainable School, is the building of the first network of sustainable public schools in Latin America. This network is the result of coordinated efforts between the public and private sectors and civil society. It consists of sustainable and self-sufficient construction and innovation. It is united by an educational program that accompanies the teaching and learning processes, with the focus on sustainability as the horizon.
The second program is to build Environmental Education Classrooms that accompany and facilitate environmental education in schools, teacher training institutes and other educational spaces. Separate from the existing infrastructure but connected to educational processes, these rooms offer workshops that complement the school curriculum, accessible sustainable technology, educational materials and training for teachers, students and visitors.

The third program, Learn, is an educational program. It guides communities to live in and use the self-sufficient buildings that have been constructed. It address the pedagogical dimension of the self-sufficient buildings, accompanying the communities to inhabit them and use them as favorable spaces for environmental education.

Finally, the Campus offers experiences, activities and actions for audiences related to education, as well as training in sustainable trades and practices.

TAGMA has already built a sustainable school in Uruguay, as well as in Chile and Argentina.

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