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Project begin: 30/01/2019

Peru and Bolivia are united by a strong cultural link and a large biodiversity. Unfortunately, they are affected by the same threats: climate change, pollution and environmental destruction. The Andean Regional Project is a joint initiative to move forward together to ensure environmental sustainability for future generations.

Leading organisation: Proyecto Andino de Tecnologías Campesinas - PRATEC
The country where the team is based: Peru
Covered Countries: Bolivia, Peru
Theme: Biodiversity, Education for Sustainable Development, Hydrology, Local and Indigenous Knowledge
Sub-themes: Access to water, Agriculture, Cities, Climate change, Cultural diversity, Environment, Food and food security, Health, Knowledge sharing, Poverty and inequality reduction, Rural areas, Urban areas, Water education, Water scarcity and quality
Tag: #Women #Youth
Selection: 2021
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Peru and Bolivia face many challenges: the protection of water sources, biodiversity and the preservation of cultural diversity. The Andean Regional Project is a program promoting innovative initiatives and good practices of a group of eight Peruvian and Bolivian institutions. Coordinated by PRATEC (Proyecto Andino de Tecnologías Campesinas), the program covers several themes: water, biodiversity, intercultural education, land jurisprudence, urban coexistence and health. These lines of action have an impact at the community, educational and governmental levels. They encourage the participation of children and young people in schools and communities.

From local to bi-national action

The Andean Regional Project accompanies and strengthens the actions of its eight partners by drawing on their knowledge, know-how and visions. As a collaborative, cross-cutting and global program, it broadens the horizon of work and local action of each of them to a regional, national and bi-national projection.

For example, the ABA-Ayacucho association, which works on the rainwater harvesting and planting project, has integrated community education initiatives into its actions thanks to the support and exchange of experiences with the Urpichallay association in Ancash. The latter, in turn, has strengthened its community work in regenerating water sources with the support of ABA.

Many positive impacts

The Andean Regional Project is enriching for each partner with many positive impacts. For example, the regeneration of water sources with the active participation of the community, the support to teachers in the development of innovative educational proposals or intercultural health actions that bring together ancestral and modern medicine.

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