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Project begin: 01/01/2016

The Maji project was designed to provide sustainable access to clean water in Africa.  An innovative model, in its design and management, of a solar powered water kiosk.

Leading organisation: Project Maji
The country where the team is based: Ghana
Covered Countries: Ghana, Kenya, Uganda
Theme: Education for Sustainable Development, Hydrology
Sub-themes: Access to water, Energy, Environment, Gender equality and women's empowerment, Poverty and inequality reduction, Sustainable lifestyles, Waste management, Water resource management
Tag: #Africa #Women #Youth
Selection: 2022
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In 2016, Sunil Lalvani decided to put his experience into consumer electronics. He developed and deployed a solar-powered kiosk to provide sustainable clean water to a village in rural Ghana. He launched the Maji project (Maji meaning water in Swahili).

This project has grown into a pan-African water donation NGO that has impacted the lives of over 115,000 people across Ghana and Kenya.

Solar powered water kiosks

Project Maji designs, develops and installs solar-powered water kiosks, called the Project Maji Cube. These kiosks and small piped systems are fit-for-purpose to withstand harsh environments. They are modular, customizable, mobile-enabled, affordable, and durable. They are self-sustaining and community-driven on a social enterprise model.

The price is agreed on by the community through an inclusive consultation process. This modest charge is collected through an automated e-payment system that supports accountability and sustainability of operations. It covers operating expenses, technical support and a reserve fund for long-term repairs.

The NGO is expanding to Uganda by the end of 2022. It aims to double its impact every year, hoping to reach 1 million people by 2025.

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