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Jubilación Segura: social empowerment in Peru

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Project begin: 01/01/2010

Tristan Lecomte understands the need to develop agroforestry and nature-based solution projects. To do so, he created the PUR project which incubates and build sustainable and environmentally friendly projects. Jubilación Segura, through which he gathers small-scale, fair-trade farming families who plant trees on degraded and unused lands in Peru, following forestry models, is one of these incredible projects.  

Jubilación Segura is a project where the cooperative gathers small-scale, fair-trade, organic cocoa and coffee farming families who plant trees on degraded and unused lands in Peru, following forestry models, as well as on cultivated plots where they develop agroforestry practices.
The project also develops tree planting in the Amazonas Region which has faced high deforestation due to the extension of cattle ranching.

The objectives of the project are to:
– Protect ecosystems by developing agroforestry to ensure long-term sustainability of cocoa and coffee plantations.
– Fight deforestation and its consequences, such as soil erosion, decrease of water availability, natural disasters, landscape degradation, and biodiversity loss.
– Enhance farmers’ livelihoods by providing alternative sources of income.


Leading organisation: PUR Projet
Covered Countries: Peru
Theme: Biodiversity
Sub-themes: Forests and desertification, Natural disasters risk reduction, Natural resource management
Selection: 2020
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Initial problem

The San Martín region was heavily deforested in the 1980’s as Peru experienced a strong increase in illicit coca cultivation and many Amazonian regions were ruled by drug traffickers.
Consequently, soil productivity and ecosystem services have decreased in an area recognized as a hotspot of biodiversity. In this context, local cooperatives were created to develop alternative cultures.

The positive impacts that the project has made

Today with more than 7000 farmers, they have planted around 5 million trees and restored the fertility of 4310 ha of land.
As Doña Léonor, one of the project’s participants said, “This soil didn’t produce anymore. When I bought it, it didn’t produce anything. These soils have been degraded and I am restoring them, merely with trees”

The impacted areas and population

The small-scale coffee and cocoa farming communities located in the San Martin region are the most impacted areas and populations. 

This project has been replicated, exactly, in different parts of the world by the leading organization, in a total of 40 countries. This enables the organization to reach out to many different communities across the globe. Every time they implement a new project, they adapt the design of the project to the local specificities. All the projects are based on planting native tree species and cooperating with local partners and cooperatives.

The obstacles and challenges

To develop strong socio-environmental impacts, the project needs to invest in long term activities including economic development. The final goal is to empower communities and give them the financial and technical means to restore their ecosystems.
They are launching pilot projects with their local partners around the FSC certification in order to create a legal and sustainable timber value chain.

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