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Project begin: 01/01/2015

To incite action for the climate and re-establish the lost connection between people and nature, Vincent Hilaire set up the Greenlandia Project. Greenlandia, a citizen initiative built on three pillars of educational, scientific and documentary actions, explores humanity’s future through the testimonials of inhabitants of the Inuit settlement of Ittoqqortoormiit (Greenland).

Leading organisation: Innovations bleues
The country where the team is based: France
Covered Countries: Greenland - Denmark
Theme: Education for Sustainable Development, Local and Indigenous Knowledge
Sub-themes: Climate change, Climate change, Cultural diversity, Cultural diversity, Environment, Environment, Sustainable lifestyles
Tag: #Youth
Selection: 2021
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Former journalist and correspondent for scientific expeditions including the Tara Oceans Polar Circle, Vincent Hilaire has encountered, first hand, an array of environmental questions and impacts during his travels. To bring the climate urgency to life, create more empathy and appeal to a wider audience, he created Greenlandia in 2015. This project combines scientific expeditions, pedagogy and documentaries to follow in the footsteps of French polar explorer Commander Charcot in Inuit territory. The team has reached out to a community still connected to nature to survive, so as to learn from their experience of extreme weather conditions and give them a platform to share their stories.

Bearing witness to way of life attuned to nature

Planned to last from September 2020-2025, this project will comprise several scientific marine and land expeditions. The aim? Understand, raise awareness and document the impact of climate and climate change in one of the exposed areas in the world, in order to explore possible solutions.

Greenlandia is the logistical and organisational source of scientific research in the Greenlandic village. The project teamed up with a European Scientific Research Consortium to deepen their understanding of the relationship between this community and the natural world. To share their findings, they have set up an educative programme between France and Greenland based on pedagogical tools inspired by the expeditions and young people living in Ittoqqortoormiit. Greenlandia initiates, creates and produces artistic projects (photography, film and TV documentary, music, painting, etc.). Documentaries and artistic initiatives will help raise awareness and document a unique way of life.

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