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Project begin: 05/06/2019

Victorien Erussard and Jerôme Delafosse created the very first ship that is emission free, drawing its energy from the forces of nature! Since 2019, they have been traveling around the world with this boat to share their story, showing it is possible to speed up the ecological transition. Since 2016, Energy Observer has worked on this first zero-emissions vessel capable of drawing its energy from hydrogen, solar, wind and water energy. Recently, Energy Observer has launched Energy Observer Solutions, acting as a laboratory for sustainable solutions and as an educational digital content platform. This initiative is anchored within Energy Observer’s consciousness-raising role for the SDGs. As the project grows, Energy Observer wants to produce its energy solutions on an industrial scale and create a design office, Energy Observer Developments.


Leading organisation: Energy Observer Foundation
Covered Countries: France
Theme: Education for Sustainable Development
Sub-themes: Climate change, Energy, Environment
Tag: #Youth
Selection: 2020
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Initial Problem

During a race, mariner Victorien Erussard experienced a diesel generator broke down and it was impossible for his boat to continue his journey. This event made him realize how many natural and renewable energies were around him while he was completely reliant on his diesel generator to continue his journey. With the help of Jerôme Delafosse, French director, photographer and writer, he decided he never wanted to be reliant on fossil energies again and engaged in the race for sustainable energy solutions 

The positive impacts that the project has made:

300,000 persons visited the awareness-raising exhibition about clean energy of Energy Observer over the past 3 years. Moreover, the zero-emission vessel and the innovative fuel cell system REXH2 serve as role models for accelerating the ecological transition.

The impacted areas and population:

Around the globe, visitors of all ages and nationalities have been able to discover the mobile exhibition of Energy Observer on its journey. Everyone can play a role, invent new and fairer societal systems, set up concrete projects and innovations that will have a visible positive impact in their neighbourhood, city or even country. All sustainable development goals are linked and interconnected. Energy Observer Solutions aims to democratize the SDGs, particularly among young people.

The obstacles and challenges

They succeed in finding impactful topics from around the world to illustrate the 17 SDGs. To do this, Energy Observer is working with the French Ministry of Ecology, the SDSN and soon with the International Association of Universities for sourcing. They also need patrons to help fund research, filming, editing and free web broadcast and reinforce their teams.

©Energy Observer Productions : Fitzgerald, M.Sostres, Julien Voigt, Amélie Conty, AD, George Conty, Francine Kreiss.

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