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Project begin: 29/03/2018

Titouan Bernicot, a child of the ocean, has created Coral Gardeners for one reason: to solve the coral reef crisis. A new chapter has begun: one that will revolutionize ocean conservation and generate collaborative action to save the reef. 

Over the last 3 years, the Coral Gardeners’ team have proven their ability to reach people at heart, telling the story of the reef like no one else has done before. And what it took was a good dose of courage, boldness and energy.
They started as ocean kids who just wanted to restore and preserve the ocean, which is their primary food source and conservation playground. They learned from the best scientists, perfected themselves every day to plant over 14,000 corals and recreate entire ecosystems on their beloved island of Moorea. The island is everything to them.  They source their relentless energy from its nature, its people, and its traditions. They know, however, that to go further, they need to look further.


Leading organisation: Coral Gardeners
Theme: Biodiversity, Oceans
Sub-themes: Ocean education, Protecting marine ecosystems
Tag: #Youth
Selection: 2020
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Initial Problem

The main problem which has brought Coral Gardeners into life is the mass extinction of coral reefs in French Polynesia. Coral reefs are the lungs of the ocean and it is their duty to save them, in order to save the marine ecosystems in the future.  

The positive impacts that the project has made:

The main positive impact of Coral Gardeners is the conservation and revitalization of the coral reefs. The project has raised awareness around the world about coral reefs and the dangers they are facing. Coral Gardeners have already planted more than 14,000 corals back onto the degraded areas of the reef. Coral Gardeners also try to raise awareness through a coral adoption programme, where an individual can protect a coral by buying it via the internet. 

The impacted areas and population:

The main impacted area is Moorea in French Polynesia. But on a larger scale, it is the whole coral reef that is impacted by Coral Gardener’s transplants. 

Moreover, Coral Gardeners have impacted any citizen worldwide that has taken part in their coral adoption programme.

We had to find funds to develop the project and we did it by creating the “adoption” concept. Everyone in the world can adopt a coral to support us

The obstacles and challenges

Coral Gardeners has to find funds to develop the project and they did it by creating the “adoption” concept. Everyone in the world can adopt a coral to support them.
Coral Gardeners also canalized on Social Media to reach an international and younger audience. Their Instagram page has now more than 500K followers from all around the world.  


News & updates

20 October 2020

Ocean Decade: Call For Decade Actions

The vision of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development is…

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