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CloudFisher Fog Collector

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Project begin: 01/01/2016

To help solve the problem of water scarcity, German designer Peter Trautwein created the CloudFisher, a fog collector that gives local communities access to clean water.

Leading organisation: Aqualonis GmbH
The country where the team is based: Morocco
Theme: Hydrology
Sub-themes: Rural areas, Water scarcity and quality, Water science
Selection: 2020/2021
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Many places in the world without access to safe drinking water experience foggy weather. That is why Peter decided to develop a fog collector that catches the droplets driven by the wind in vertically suspended nets, and then pipes the water into a reservoir. In 2016, Aqualonis GmbH was created to manufacture this innovation.

Drawing on nature to find innovative solutions

Despite initial scepticism, fog water has proven an efficient way to provide rural communities – who previously travelled miles every day to collect water – with high-quality drinking water, as well as water for agriculture and forestry. This saves time to dedicate to other activities such as work and education, as well as creating local jobs to construct and maintain the system in partnership with Aqualonis.

The results are impressive. Although yields per fog day differ, in Morocco, they collect an average of 22 litres per m2. With one CloudFisher (24 m²) this means 528 litres per fog day. Reliable and sustainable, the fog collectors can withstand strong winds, also make very good rain collectors and do not require any energy making them Co2 neutral.

Local communities in rural areas from Morocco to Bolivia, Kenya and Tanzania are already reaping the benefits of a solution that can be easily implemented – as long as site is hilly and the weather foggy.

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