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CloudFisher Fog Collector

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Project begin: 01/01/2016

To answer the problem of water scarcity, Peter Trautwein has created this amazing innovation: The Cloudfisher. A fog collector, placed on top of a mountain, gives local communities access to running water, a time-saving measure that saves families from having to travel miles every day and allows them to access education! This Aqualonis GmbH is a limited liability company created in 2016 and CloudFisher Fog Collectors were invented to address water scarcity and quality in rural areas. Local communities can enjoy clean water for everyday use without worrying about its quality.

Fog collectors work as the wind drives fog into the vertically suspended nets. The droplets are caught in the 3D mesh and merge into larger drops, which then fall into the collecting trough below. From there the fog water is piped into a reservoir.

The construction and maintenance of a fog collector system usually involve local people. The fact that jobs are created adds to the benefits of this project. The amounts yielded per fog-day differ according to region and season. In Morocco, for example, they collect an average of 22 liters per square meter on a foggy day. With one CloudFisher (mesh area 24 m²) this corresponds to a water volume of 528 liters per foggy day.

A fog collector is also a very good rain collector. This is because wind-blown rain always falls at an angle on the nets. Moreover, it does not require energy and is therefore Co2 neutral.


Leading organisation: Aqualonis GmbH
Covered Countries: Morocco
Theme: Hydrology
Sub-themes: Rural areas, Water resource management, Water scarcity and quality, Water science
Selection: 2020
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Initial Problem

A lot of places in the world do not have access to safe water to consume and are known to be foggy zones. However, water from the air was initially viewed skeptically. Most people believe that it has no minerals, which is not true. Water was all around them and yet, it was impossible for them to get proper water access.

The positive impacts that the project has made

People of the local communities, especially women and children, no longer have to walk for kilometers every day to fetch water from springs, lakes or rivers. This leaves more time for the family and the many obligations of a subsistence economy. For the children, it means more time for education and the associated future opportunities.

The impacted areas and population

Fog collectors make sense everywhere in the world as there are regular fog deposits worldwide and sometimes some populations have no alternative water sources. As such, local communities of rural areas from Morocco, Bolivia, Kenya and Tanzania to only name a few, where fog is a current occurrence are able to enjoy the clean and drinkable water provided by fog collectors during their everyday life.

Moreover, fog collectors enable local communities to create jobs in order to ensure the construction and maintenance of such infrastructures.

The obstacles and challenges

Water from the air was initially viewed skeptically. Most people believed and still believe that it has no minerals, which is not true. To prove to them the possibilities that water from the air can offer, they carry out annual measurements and can confirm that the fog water meets the World Health Organization standard.

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