Unesco Green Citizens


1 July 2022

UN Ocean Conference – How Innovative Projects are Saving the Ocean

From 27 June to 1 July, the United Nations held a major conference in Lisbon under…
9 June 2022

Earth Overshoot Day – When Natural Resources Run Out

July 29. By this time last year, we had exhausted all the resources that the earth…
30 May 2022
Good news

UNESCO at ChangeNOW summit – a look back at 3 inspiring days

From 19-21 May, the UNESCO Green Citizens team was at the ChangeNOW summit wearing the colours…
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excited to participate ?
An NGO that seeks to support local projects?
developing a local and sustainable project for the planet?
a private company seeking to stimulate or finance significant projects?
committed media, ready to highlight citizens' innovations?
decision-makers looking for good practices from local communities?
All together, we can incubate change.

To get involved in a collective adventure:

Discover meaningful projects

Choose your preferred project to embark on

Contact the project owner

Discover inspiring initiatives around the world and find innovative solutions

Duplicate the proposed sustainable solutions

Establish new partnerships

Find inspiration and discover new ideas

Connect and share experiences with other innovators around the world

Contact us to propose your project

Discover the innovations carried out by citizens in your CSR fields of action and in the regions of your choice

Support through funding or by providing skills in your areas of expertise

Contact the project leaders

Find inspiring stories of engaged citizens to enrich your editorial work

Help local projects increase their impact and make them known to your audience

Contact the project managers

Discover citizen initiatives around the world

Invest in local projects aligned with your strategy for sustainable development

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