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Hello Planet Film Festival – What if you could finance environmental projects by watching videos?

29 July 2022

The 3rd July marked the closing of the first edition of the Hello Planet Film Festival. Held under the theme “The food of tomorrow”, the festival rewarded several short films committed to the planet and financially supported 3 projects which centre around sustainable ways of consuming. Among them was BioSave, an initiative supported by UNESCO Green Citizens which uses an app to train West African farmers in agroecology practices.

Hello Planet – Rewarding Projects Committed to the Environment

On the Hello Planet website you can discover inspiring videos, podcasts, interviews or blog articles, at the same time as supporting an environmental NGO. How? When you watch a video, you earn points which transform into currency thanks to their solidarity advertising. In turn, this currency is used to finance a project of your choice. The website is completely free to use, so why not give it a go?

Hello Planet, a communication partner of UNESCO Green Citizens, held the first virtual short film festival of its kind, aimed to encourage people to protect the planet through comedy and humour. Not only did this raise awareness of environmental issues, but all the points attained from watching films were used to finance the 3 selected projects. The award ceremony took place at the Pathé Les Fauvettes cinema in Paris, with members of the Jury and the crews of the 26 nominated films. The festival was also an opportunity for Hello Planet and its partners to support the creation of socially engaged entertainment and promote the emergence of young audio-visual talents.

How to ensure the latest agricultural practices are accessible to local farmers? BioSave!

With the lack of infrastructure and linguistic challenges in West Africa, founder Kotchi Willy Ramses decided to create this mobile app, making sustainable agricultural practices more accessible by using local dialects. BioSave contains practical training sessions on key topics such as how to make natural fertilizers, as well as featuring a Bio Market selling organic products.

This project, highlighted by UNESCO Green Citizens, also benefits local populations, as motivating farmers to produce organically makes it easier for communities to have a more balanced diet. In the future, Ramses’ aim is to make this even easier by opening pilot shops distributing local organic produce.

With the support of innovative, committed creators like Hello Planet, and their groundbreaking film festival, BioSave’s inspiring dream becomes closer to being a reality.

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